This is my first blog so I’m excited to get started.  A little about me….I have been with Avon for a little over 3 years.  I made President’s Club last year and I’m on track to make President’s Club or better again this year.  I love the Avon products and love sharing Avon with everyone.  I work full time for the local health department and that is pretty demanding.  I was looking for a part time job that was flexible and I found Avon.  With Avon I have found financial freedom.  In this blog I will not only be talking about my adventures with Avon but I have a ton of beauty tips that I can’t wait to share with all of you.  Have you wondered what color eye shadow would look good with your color eyes?  Not sure how to get that perfect smokey eye look?  What are some secrets that beauty professionals out there know that you don’t?  Check back with me to find out these answers and lots more.  Follow me so you don’t miss out.  I will also be putting up Avon sales and promotions so you can save on that makeup that is perfect for you.