Today’s featured product is Extra Lasting Lip Stain+ Balm.  This product is very different.  It goes on like a marker and actually stains the lips with color.  I loved how easy it is to use.  I sometimes have problems staying within the lines…lol.  But the marker was simple, even for me.  I just “drew” it on.  I did like the balm that comes on the other end of the lip stain as well.  Nice and glossy.  Made my lips feel soft, but it didn’t feel like a typical lipstick. I used Berry Bitten and  I will definitely be ordering Extra Lasting Lip Stain in other colors. Minutes after applying the lip stain I drank some tea and no lipstick stain on my cup.  I have never been a fan of eating my makeup so I was very happy  that I did not leave any behind.  There is still some time to get in on the deal of 5 lipsticks for $20.  This lip stain is included in that deal.  Hurry though time is running out.