I feel like this winter is never going to end.  We have 2 beautiful days and I think spring is starting and then it rains, wind blows or snows.  I really do not want to see anymore of that white stuff.  This weather is harsh on skin and your hands and nails are no exceptions.  Our hands get dry and cracked, we have flaky patches, cracked cuticles, peeling and breaking nails.  Doesn’t look pretty at all.  So what can we do?  First and foremost make sure you are wearing gloves over your hands to protect from the crazy winds and dry air.  Have hand lotion handy everywhere.  I have one in my purse, next to my bed, at work, on the coffee table…everywhere.  Use it and use it often and always use it after you wash your hands.  That is a great time for it to soak in.  Use a cuticle oil or cream on nail cuticles and to keep hang nails from getting out of hand.  If you don’t have cuticle oil or cream use lip balm….works just as good.  At night put on lotion and then slip on cotton gloves.  This will heal cracks and dryness overnight.  Hopefully these little tips will help keep your hands and nails looking beautiful.