If you live up North, like me, then your feet have been shoved into socks and shoes for months now.  Those toes are longing to be free and sandals are just waiting to be worn.  But are your feet ready?  The cold weather and the lack of attention that seems to happen to feet during the winter months may have left your feet dry, patchy and in desperate need of a pedicure.  I’m going to tell you how to care for your tootsies at home and get them sandal ready.

1.First of all we need to get rid of any nail polish that may be lingering. Clean those nail beds of the remnants of that chipped red from Christmas or the quick polish job you did last month. Use nail polish remover for this.

2.Get a foot tub and fill with warm water.  Add a foot soak.  Avon makes an amazing one in their Foot Works line called Foot Works Healthy Restorative Milky Foot Soak.  It is enriched with milk protein and Epsom salt.  I looked up what exactly Milk Protein does and it is formulated specifically to soothe irritated, dry skin, as it works to hydrate and lock in moisture. Sounds pretty good to me.

3. Next use a foot scrub.  Avon has a couple different ones that use macadamia nut shells or walnut shell powder to exfoliate dead skin and to soften.  Scrub and then rinse off in the warm water.

4. Towel dry feet.  Soles should be softened from the soak so now is the perfect time to smooth rough skin and calluses.  Use a Pumice stone or a foot file.  File away the dead skin, make sure you do not file away any healthy skin so keep watch.

5. Moisturize.  The skin on the feet is thicker than the skin anywhere else on the body so use a moisturizer made for feet.  My favorite is Foot Works Beautiful Lavender Overnight Cream.  It says Overnight, but I use it any time of the day.  It is nice and thick and leaves my feet feeling soft.  I also enjoy the calming smell of the lavender.

6. Cut those toe nails.  Be careful with this. Make sure you cut straight across.  If you don’t this it can lead to ingrown nails….ouch.

7.  Prepare the nail beds for polish.  Push back the cuticles and remove any oils from the lotions with nail polish remover.  If you don’t do this the nail polish will not adhere to the nails.

8.  Paint those piggies.   Have fun with it.  I love bright colors on my toes.  Make some designs…dots, stripes, hearts.  Let your creativity shine.

You are now ready to let those feet shine in any strappy sandal.

Right now Avon is having a sale on their Foot Works line They are buy one, get one free.