I am currently looking to buy a new house.  Part of the process is purging stuff in my current location so I don’t have to pack up a bunch of junk just to move it.  I just bought some new nail polishes and as I was putting them away I realized I had a TON of Nail polishes.  Some of the polishes I don’t even remember purchasing.  Some were so old that I couldn’t even tell you what color it was supposed to be.  I decided to get rid of the old and start new.  Plus less to pack :).  As I was going through them I wondered how long is it even healthy to hold on to nail polish, or any beauty item for that matter.  I found a bunch of charts when I googled this.  Gotta love google, how did we survive before it came along.  So nail polishes have a shelf life of 1 year.  I guarantee I have had some of these in my collection for over 5 years.  I couldn’t really find any health issues associated to old nail polish, but the colors change and separate and get goopy, which leads to some ugly manicures. Makeup is a whole other story.  As soon as air hits a makeup product the time clock starts ticking. You will want to change any makeup you use around the eyes fairly often.  Why? Bacteria….do I need to say more?  Well I will…lol.  When you use mascara, you put it around your eyes, it comes in contact sometimes with skin, lashes and air.  You then put that brush back into the bottle and all the mascara in the bottle then comes in contact with that brush and all outside forces.  Sometimes makeup will start to smell funny….throw it out…there is something wrong with it.  If you had an eye infection or sty and used any makeup around your eye at the time…throw it out.  It has become contaminated. Check out this chart and do some spring cleaning of your beauty products.