When it comes to doing makeup, finding out the correct skin tone is probably the most important factor. To do this, look at the inside of your forearm and wrist, where you should see veins. If your veins appear slightly greenish, that means you have a yellow skin undertone or a warm skin tone.  If your veins appear more bluish, you have bluish-pinkish undertones or a cold skin tone.  If you can not clearly make out the color of your veins, and the overall area has a beige tint, then you have neutral skin tone.

Another easy way of figuring out your skin tone is to wash your face completely.  Get rid of any trace of makeup. Stand in front of the bathroom mirror and hold a plain white sheet of paper next to your face. If your face starts looking slightly yellow or red, then you have a warm skin tone.  If your face looks pbluish  then your skin tone is cool. If your face looks brownish then your skin tone is neutral.

When it comes to lip, eye and nail color, people with warm skin tones generally look good in shades of browns, tans, corals, reds, bronze etc. People with cool skin undertones on the other hand look great in foundations with shades of ivory, and browns. While pink, rose, mauve, berry, red, plum, wine, orange etc. look good on them in lipstick, nail polish and eye color. People with neutral skin tone tend to have the easiest time finding foundation, concealer, and powders that are just right for them. In fact, those with neutral skin tones may find they can easily wear more than one shade in any given foundation lineup.

Of course finding the right skintone is only part of the equation to finding the right colors for you to wear.  We have to take into account the color of your eyes and hair.  But that will be another post.  Right now just find out what your skintone is and we will go from there.