Talking with friends at work today about how to take a good selfie.  This topic came up because one of my coworkers was sending pix back and forth with a new man in her life.  We were laughing about how we have to take 30 pix before we like just one.  This pic I look fat in, that one I have 3 chins, I smiled weird in that pic…..ugh.  Our supervisor at work always seems to take gorgeous selfies so we asked her to help us out.

1.  Get your makeup the way you want it.  Remember that makeup doesn’t show up that great in pix so you might want to go for a little darker lipstick, eyeliner etc.

2. Take the picture from above you.  Never below.  When you take a pic from below that is how you get that 3 chin look.  Looking up smoothes the under chin area making you look like you have a long, thin neck.

It seems the longer arm you have the better picture you are going to take.  I think this is how the selfie stick became invented.  We all joked that for each of our birthdays we are getting a selfie stick.   Here are 2 selfies I took at work this morning.  I don’t have lipstick on, but I kinda like the way they turned out.


Let’s see some of your selfies 🙂