I work a full time job that is pretty demanding.  It pays the bills, but I have so many more plans.  Vacations, shopping, a house with a nice backyard are just a few things on that list.  I could leave my full time job, all tired, and punch a clock at some part time job flipping burgers and come home exhausted.  But that is so not for me.  That is why I love Avon and the opportunities having my own business gives to me.  For only $15 I have control of how much money I can make part time and I do it from home.  I make my own hours.

When I first started with Avon it was to help pay for Christmas.  I succeeded in having Avon pay for all of my Christmas presents so I kept going.  Last year I succeeded in making President’s Club.  I have also started setting up a team that I call Donna’s Downline Divas.  I no longer live paycheck to paycheck and I love it.  And to think it all started for only $15.

Is this starting to sound good to you?  Do you want to get excited and make money?  Do you want an upline that is very supportive and  there to help you succeed?  Do you want to work from home and not have to punch a clock?  Start now for $15 sign up fee and have that fee reimbursed if you sign up by April 15th and place your first order by May 5th.  That is starting your own, work from home, beauty business for free.  What do you have to lose?  Not a thing.  Go to http://www.startavon.com and put in reference code: donnaettinger or message me for more info.