Long beautiful eyelashes are every woman’s dream.  It sets off the eyes perfectly.  What we hate is clumpy, flakey mascara that runs.  Not very attractive.  Well Avon has a newer mascara in it’s lineup and it is a good one.  It is called Big & Daring.  Perfect name for this mascara because it does just that….gives you big eyelashes without the clumpy, flakey mess.

It boasts that it gives 5x the volume as opposed to not wearing any mascara at all.  It has a curved brush with multilevel bristles that comb through and capture every lash.  It comes in waterproof, which is my favorite.  The waterproof is only available in Black.  The regular mascara is available in Black, Blackest Black, and Brown Black.  Right now it is on sale for $6.99.  Regular price is $9.  Not too bad when some of these other brand of Big lash mascaras are going for $20-$30.  This mascara is in my makeup bag and I love it.  I was a faithful user of the SuperShock Max by Avon, but now switch up between the two.  Shop now at   www.youravon.com/donnaettinger

Big & Daring on the left and no mascara on the right.
Big & Daring on the left (one coat) and no mascara on the right.