This is something you do daily and probably not give it a second thought, but are you doing it properly? This was something that I thought about one night when I had nothing better to do….lol.  So off to investigate.

Make sure your hair is completely wet before shampooing.  Do this with warm water.  Warm water will open up the hair cuticles and also loosen up dirt and oil.

Next shampoo only the scalp and roots.  This is something that I wasn’t doing properly.  I would wash all my hair and layer it on top of my head.  My ends are dry and don’t need to be washed as much as the scalp and roots that get oily, sweaty and dirty.

Rinse off shampoo.  The rinsing will also wash your ends without drying them out. Do not repeat like the bottle says.  That is only necessary if you are REALLY dirty.

Next condition.  Now do the opposite of what you did with the shampoo.  Condition mid length to ends of hair.  Don’t condition the roots, it will just make them oily.

Pat dry with towel.  Don’t rub, it will break your hair.

And there you have it…the proper way to shampoo and condition your hair.  Now I have to find something else to think about…lol

Check out the shampoos and conditioners that Avon sells.  I use the Advance Techniques Damage Repair shampoo and conditioner.