Knowing your skin type is the first step in proper skin care.  Skin care lines are made for specific types of skin.  You don’t want to use the wrong product. So how do you know for certain what your skin type is?

Normal Skin is characterized by:

* Good circulation

*  Fine, even texture

* Smooth surface

* Small pores that are barely visible

* Good balance between oil and moisture

Dry Skin is characterized by:

* Very fine pores

* Dry, flacky, dehydrated and may be sensitive

* Needs regular moisturizing to stay hydrated

Oily Skin is characterized by:

* Enlarged pores

* Acne flare ups

* Looks greasy and shiny especially in the T zone

* Appears dull

* Needs frequent cleansing to keep away skin problems.

Combination Skin is characterized by:

* Large pores especially on the nose area

* Some parts are greasy while others are dry

* Needs moisturizing for dry parts and cleansing to remove excess oil

* Dry parts feel tight after washing while oily parts become shiny and greasy soon after wash.

Sensitive Skin is characterized by:

* Thin texture that makes skin appear almost translucent

* Fine pores

* Wrinkles prematurely

* Feels tight after washing

* May react strongly to change in products

* Blushes, sunburns and itches easily

(Info from University of Makeup)