Limited Time Offer for  New Representatives!

We’ll send new Representatives a Classic Round-Face Pastel Watch* when they start their Beautiful Story as an Avon Representative between May 8 and June 5. To qualify, sign up now to be an Avon Rep for only $15.  Go to  put in reference code: donnaettinger. Once you are a rep, you need to place and pay for a 1st order of $100 or more by 11:59 p.m. local time on June 16, 2015! And when you place your second order? You will receive your watch!**

* Watch will ship with the Representative’s second Campaign order placed on Watch color may vary. $30 value based on regular brochure prices.
** Terms & Conditions: This offer is valid only for individuals who have not had an account with Avon in more than 26 weeks. Reinstated Representatives do not count as a new Representative. New Representatives who reside in Hawaii, Guam or Saipan must place their order by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on June 16, 2015.