Many years back I took a trip to Jamaica.  One of those all inclusive resorts where there is always something to do.  I was playing water volleyball, snorkeling,  water aerobics, and just basking in the sun.  I was using sunblock but was still getting a beautiful tan.  On the second day on this beautiful island I woke up with my lips swollen about 3 times the normal size.  I thought I had gotten bit by some bug or something like that.  Turns out I had horrible sunburn, ON MY LIPS.  I didn’t even know that was possible at all.  I made sure I had sunblock on every other part of my body that was exposed but not once thought about my lips.

After taking some time out from out of the sun and holding cold compresses on my lips the swelling had gone down.  So how do I protect my lips the next time out in the sun?  I found out that my favorite lip balm had an SPF of 25.  I had no idea.  I started looking and most lip balms that do not have a flavor have an SPF.  Now I do not leave the house with at least putting the lip balm on my lips.  I will not have puffy, swollen, painful lips ever again.

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