All skin is not the same so why should you use the same foundation?  The answer is you shouldn’t.  Color is not the only thing you should be looking at.

1. Oily Skin: A matte-powder foundation (also named as a 2-in-1 foundation) as the powder minerals are known to absorb the excess oil on your face, ensuring that your makeup does not melt away. You don’t want to use anything that will make you feel greasy or you will end up looking like an oil slick by the end of the day.

2. Dry Skin: A cream based stick or liquid foundation is good as these products come with specially created moisturizing ingredients that work to keep your skin hydrated under all that makeup. Don’t use powder or your skin will look like the Sierra Desert.

3. Combination Skin: An oil-free foundation is best, as it will work well on your oily T-zone as well on your dry cheeks.