Dear Bathing Suit Makers Everywhere,

I am a plus size girl and in turn have a large breast size, just like probably every plus size girl out there.  So why, when I go to buy a bathing suit does it have absolutely no support for my girls?  When I go bra shopping I have to search high and low for cute bras because they make only industrial strength bras for breasts my size, but when I go to buy a bathing suit I get a thin elastic strap and some cups and am told this is a sewn in bra.   Really??!!!!!  That isn’t fooling anyone. My friend’s daughter, who is about a size 4 and an A cup, has underwire support on her bikini tops…..Ya, we wouldn’t want those A’s flopping around or anything. But my D cups are left to their own device, which means, let’s hope they float once I hit the water. Please hear me and all the other big boobed women out there when we beg for bathing suits to have a real bra in it.

Thank you kindly,

These girls need support