The other day I posted a blog about needing support for my breasts in a bathing suit.  I stated that I was plus size and have a D cup.  The post blew up like crazy…it was amazing and I appreciate all the followers I have because of it.  On one of the social media sites that my blog was shared on I was getting ridiculed for being plus size.  One quote from a very “charming” individual said that she thinks that I am trying to dress for the body I want and not the body that I have.  I am very aware of my body and if anything I have been accused of wearing clothes that are too big for me.  I don’t understand how me wanting support in my bathing suit leads to me dressing for a body I don’t have.  I know with all the views, comments and shares of my blog post I will have someone who is going to be negative and maybe more will be coming.  I am a plus size woman, I workout, I try to stay healthy.  Do I want to lose weight…..who doesn’t?  But I am proud of who I am.  I am beautiful, I am plus size, I am Donna 🙂