A woman’s eyes may very well be the most beautiful feature of her face. They express emotion and feelings.  Eyes have been called the window to the soul. Unfortunately lack of sleep,stress, and bad habits can lead to the eyes looking tired, dark circles and not as beautiful as we would like. This is where eye makeup can help

Wanna make your eyes look instantly brighter?

One way is to curl your eyelashes and put on mascara, this will make your eyes look larger.

Another way to make your eyes appear brighter is to add a light eyeliner (like a nude or pastel color) to your waterline.

Nothing frames the eyes better than perfectly groomed brows Women sometimes tend to ignore the eyebrows or in the other extreme, they can be over plucked. If your eyebrows aren’t shaped correctly then you can apply makeup as perfectly as possible but you’ll still look badly groomed.

Big Eye Makeup Dont’s

Don’t over exaggerate your eyebrows.  You want to look natural and beautiful.  Drawn on eyebrows look just that…drawn on and not natural at all.

Don’t over do it on mascara.  No one looks good with goopy,spider eyes.  Makeup is supposed to accentuate your beauty not over run it.

Don’t use all the colors that come in a pallet at the same time…lol.  The most that should be used is 3. One for all over color, one one the crease and one to highlight below the eyebrow.

Biggest Do

Practice with different colors and styles and have fun with it.