So you decided to get that tattoo you had been eyeing for quite awhile….now what?  You want to take care of it in the early stages in order to make sure it stays colorful and beautiful for years to come.

1. Do not keep it covered.  Your tattoo artist will probably cover it right after completed.  That bandage usually should stay on for about 2-4 hours.  That’s it. Do not recover the tattoo. It needs air to heal so don’t keep it bandaged up or under plastic wrap….unless your tattoo artist tells you to for some reason.  If your tattoo artist does tell you to keep it wrapped up I would get a second opinion just to be on the safe side.  I have had a bunch of tattoos done and with each one was told not to cover it.

2. Keep your tattoo clean.  Don’t scrub it like crazy, but wash it lightly with fragrance

free soap and water. Use you hands and not a wash cloth or loofah. You don’t want to scratch it or get an infection. Pat your tattoo dry, do not rub.

3. Keep your tattoo moist.  You do not want your tattoo to be completely dry.  If it does there is a good chance you will get a thick scab over your tatt and you don’t want that.  What you use to keep your tattoo moist varies depending on who you talk to.  The first couple of days it is a sore so you want something like an ointment, tattoo goo or something along that lines. Do not use petroleum based products.  Talk to your tattoo artist.  He/she will tell you what they recommend.

4. Your tattoo will develop a thin scab or flaking of skin.  It will itch like crazy…that means it is healing. DO NOT SCRATCH IT.   If you scratch the scab it will reopen your tattoo and can do damage to the tatt all together.  At this stage you can start using a nice thick lotion to keep it moist.  It also helps a little with the itching…but just a little.

5. Do not bathe with a fresh tattoo.  Do not go in the pool or hot tub.  How long you can’t do these things varies depends on who you talk to, but I suggest at least a month.  You want that tatt healed before soaking.  Showering is perfectly ok  and needed to keep tattoo clean.

6. Let the workouts wait until your tattoo is healed especially if the tatt is somewhere in a jointed area.  Think of a cut, if you keep stretching a cut before it is completely healed it will keep opening up and take much longer to heal.  The same applies to tattoos.

7. The sun is a tattoo’s enemy.  During the healing process and beyond.  If you must lay in the sun make sure the tatt is completely healed and cover the entire tattoo with sunblock.  ALWAYS!!!!  If you don’t do this expect your tattoo to fade over time.

If you have any problems during your tattoos healing process talk to your tattoo artist right away.

For a thick lotion you can use Moisture Therapy which is fragrance free.

My latest tattoo.  It says, "Have I gone mad   I'm afraid so, you're entirely bonkers and I'll tell you a secret...All the best people are"
  My latest tattoo. It says, “Have I gone  mad I’m afraid so, you’re entirely bonkers and I’ll tell you a secret…All the best people are”
This was my tattoo artist.  Jeremy Williams
This is my tattoo artist. Jeremy Williams. Check him out.