I thought I would do a fun post about the things that I’m excited about right now.  There are so many negatives going on in the world and in our everyday lives that we have to look for the positive.

5. There is a blog community on facebook that I belong to and we have started a Sister Swap.  Basically we get paired with another blogger and learn about them and their blog and then swap gifts.  This sounded like so much fun so my Swap Sister is Carrie Trip and you can find her and her blog at View From the Valley .  Totally excited for this.

4. Found out we are finally getting cost of living raises at work.  Might sound crazy, but haven’t had a raise in so long I almost forgot what they were.  Yea, money!!!!

show me

3. I have a bunch of vendor events with Avon coming up that should be fun.  I love working at fests because it is such a  great atmosphere. And some Holiday craft shows booked already…Christmas will be here before you know it.


2. Have an opportunity that came up after I blogged about my mammogram that I’m really excited about.  Don’t want to say too much until everything is set in place but it will be awesome.

1. Taking a much needed 3 day weekend and hanging at the beach and just unwinding.

Ok, this pic was taken at the pool, but you get the idea 🙂