Getting ready to head out, but your outfit is not quite complete?  You need some pieces to pull your look together.  That is where accessorizes come in.  A gorgeous necklace, that ring your man bought you, how about that bracelet that has been handed down from you mother?  Here are some basic Does and Don’ts to follow so your look is well put together.

  1. Choose only a couple of accessories to wear at a time.  Don’t wear every accessory that you own at one time.  You will look like a modge podge if you wear a bold necklace, clunky bracelet, 5 rings, sunglasses, a scarf, and a hat.  Each item will be fighting to stand out and you will end up looking like a mess. Follow the rule of 3….pick 3 pieces that work well together.
  2. Match your accessories to each other. If you do want to wear a bunch of items at once, at least make them match each other.  Don’t wear gold earrings with a pearl necklace and a silver bracelet.  That doesn’t look put together….that looks like you just threw on some items and walked out the door.  The pieces are fighting for attention again.
  3. Wear bold accessories with neutral clothes.  That simple black dress will look stunning with a bright colored scarf.  That white blouse can be dressed up or down with bright colored jewelry and watches.
  4. Let one item be the star of your look.  If you have a statement necklace you have been dying to wear, don’t pair it up with large dangling earrings and a huge belt.  Let one item stand out and the other items bring the look together.

Most off all, pick accessories that let the real you shine through and have fun.