I was tagged to do an about me post by Samantha.  You can find her blogging at The Crafty Paralegal (love the name).

  1. What is your favorite recipe to cook/bake? I do not cook, except for holidays.  I am no good at it.  But I do love to bake.  My signature desert is Magic Cookie Bars.  I would tell you the recipe, but then I would have to kill you and I kinda like you all.
  2. Which country/state would you travel to if money were no issue?  I have been dreaming of going to Alaska for ever.  I also want to see the Northern Lights….this is all on my bucket list and I am planning on this happening in the next year or 2.
  3. What article of clothing/apparel makes you feel most confident? A pair of jeans that fits just right and a shirt that makes my boobs look nice….lol
  4. Who is your favorite super hero and why? Superman…just because he can fly.
  5. Who has been most inspirational to you? My parents.  My dad taught me to be a hard worker and my mom taught me how to fight.  Both were so strong and inspirational.
  6. If you could have lunch with a historical person, who would you choose? 
  7. What quote makes you feel most motivated? What’s meant to be won’t miss you
  8. What is your favorite pass-time activity? Playing with my dogs, swimming or anything around water.
  9. If you could live in any decade, which would it be? Renaissance era.  Every woman looks great in those outfits.
  10. What is your favorite color? Royal Blue
  11. What Disney character is your doppelgänger? Anna from Frozen

This was kinda fun.  I hope you enjoy reading it.