The kids are back to school, the leaves are showing a little color and there is a nip in the night time air.  What does that mean?  Fall is coming.  With fall comes fall colors; not just in nature, but in clothes and makeup.

I have been looking all around the internet to find some of the new trends for this fall (no one wants to be so last season…lol).  One of the trends that I’m loving is getting rid of the whole contouring thing…..thank goodness, because I never got that right..  Light skin with pink cheeks…the kind of skin that looks like you just took a brisk walk in the cool air.  I can get behind this look.  Sounds low maintenance. 🙂  Check out Avon’s Smooth Minerals in Blushed or Hearty Peach.

Red lips is another trend.  I guess at one point this stopped being trendy….who knew?  Not me. But they are back. That’s great because I just bought some red lipsticks and I plan on wearing them.  Another lip that in this fall is a vamp lip.  Black or almost black is a favorite. Paired with light colored makeup everywhere else. Check out Ultra Color lipstick in Red 2000 or Vamp.

Wait until you hear about eyeliner.  Straight lines are so last year.  Black eyeliner is all the rage and cat eyes, double cat eye, and anything but a boring straight line go.  Have fun and go nuts. My favorite eyeliner is Always on Point in Black.

Eyelashes need to look false and fabulous. Black, Blue or any other color….it doesn’t seem to matter as long and they are long and luscious. Avon just came out with a brand new mascara and just in time for fall. It is called Big and False Lash Volume.