A moist, dark environment that is perfect for bacteria growing out of control and new bacteria being added every single day. Sounds like a bad horror movie.  Well most of you are using a product filled with this infection causing bacteria everyday and putting it really close to your eyes….yuck.

Mascara goes bad after 3 months.  As soon as you open a mascara tube you need to set a 3 month reminder on when to change this makeup item. Our eyes are a vulnerable area for infection.  Eyes have many pores where eyelashes come out from, and tear ducts.  You are putting your eyes at risk every time you use an expired mascara.

I know throwing out a favorite mascara is hard, especially if it is still half full, but think of the alternative….pink eye, staff infection or way worse….blindness.

Right now mascaras are 2 for $7.99.  Get a new one now.