Have you heard of this yet?  The Military Diet has been all over facebook.  It claims that you can lose 10lbs in 3 days.  I know what you are thinking…..there is no way.  Well I figured it is only 3 days, what do I have to lose…well besides some weight.

Let me start by telling you what this diet is all about.  It states it is a great thing to do if you have something coming up that you need to lose some weight quickly, like a wedding, vacation in Cancun, or a class reunion.  It also claims that you will not just be losing water but actual fat.  If you want to lose more than 10lbs it also states you should do 3 days on this diet and 4 days off.  It does say during the 4 days off you should be eating right, just not as stringent as the Military Diet.

What I liked the most about this diet is the food is mostly stuff I already have in my house.  It wasn’t crazy food that I would never eat unless I was on a diet.  Ok, so here it is:



Day one’s calorie count is 1400.  I felt good on day one.  I was excited to get this started and see if it would work.  I felt comfortable.  Not hungry, not full.  I could do day one over and over.  I lost 3.5 lbs on that first day.

Day two’s calorie count is 1200.  I did great this day as well.  Unfortunetly I did this on a friday which is also supposed to be date night for my fiance and I so we didn’t get to go out to eat like we usually do.  But it is only 3 days right?!  I was snacky at night and it took alot of will power not to grab something to chomp on, but I did it.  I am now down 6.5 lbs.  I have to say that I am diabetic and during the night my sugar dropped and I did feel shakey.

I am working on day 3 right now. Today’s calorie count is only 1100.  I did add a cup of coffee this morning with some sugar.  I’m hoping the sugar in the coffee keeps me from being shakey today.  If I can’t make it, I will stick to it as closely as possible but might need to add something with sugar.  I am about to eat my lunch.  I will write about my results after I finish this third day.  The fact that I have already lost 6.5 lbs is amazing and I think that does show that this diet really does work.  I am planning on going grocery shopping today and plan on still buying healthy foods.  More friuts and veggies and I did enjoy the cottage cheese.

If you try this diet or have tried it in the past I would love to hear your results.  Of course, before starting any diet please consult your physician.