It’s that time again….Summer.  That means, pool parties, beach days, barbecues, gardening and just living more outside.  What is the downside?  Bugs !!!!!  

Avon has a line of Skin So Soft bug sprays.  Yes, the Skin So Soft you use to soften your skin after a bath and sometimes to fight off mosquitoes has it’s own line of bug sprays that fight off mosquitoes, gnats, sand flies and biting midges. Bonus is it smells great.  I mean, it is Skin So Soft.

The entire Bug Guard is DEET-FREE which means it is great for not just you but also your young kids.  Some of the Bug Guard also has an SPF.  Great for your kids in day camp or hanging out at the pool.  You can get Bug Guard in lotion, aerosol spray or pump.

Don’t let bugs keep you inside this summer.  Get your Bug  Guard today!