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Love Your Face Event

Here we are…the middle of October and so much is going on with Avon.  Sales, Sales, Sales and new stuff coming out all the time.  Right now is the Love Your Face Event.  Select foundations, concealers and blush are buy 1, get 1 for $2.99.  That could be a savings of up to $13.

Now that summer is over and our tans and sun kissed skin are fading, we need to change up our makeup.  Foundations, concealers and blush need to be lighter and what a coincidence that is what is on sale.

One of my favorite foundations is Anew Age-Transforming  2 in 1 Compact Foundation.  Not only is it a foundation but also has Anew product swirled in to help reverse the signs of aging. This is like getting 2 products for the price of one and now you can get a second for only $2.99. Hurry before this event is over.

To add to the sale Avon is having a friends and family sale as well.  Just use code: FRIEND at check out and get 20% off a purchase of $60 or more.  Wait, it gets better (said in my best infomercial voice), there is free shipping on orders of $40 or more.  Whoo hoo!!!


September’s Mailbox Surprise Swap with a Blog Sister

I am loving this group that I joined on facebook called Mailbox Surprise Swap.  It is a bunch of bloggers that every month get linked up with their blog sister for that month.  We get to learn about each other and each other’s blogs.  Then we send a cute little bundle of gifts to our blog sister.

This month my blog sister is Lisa Watkins.  She blogs over at Life to the Full.  She has some great motivational blogs.  Go check her out.

This month’s box was supposed to be themed “Back to School”, but I love that Lisa realized that I do not have any kids and themed the box just to be full of stuff I love.  Here is what the box consisted of:

Scrapbooking stuff: Stickers, glue, ribbon and more… this.  I cant wait to start up a mini book, probably about my dogs 🙂

Mickey Mouse Cookie Cutters:  I love, love, love Mickey Mouse and who doesn’t love cookies?!

And last, but certainly not least……CHOCOLATE…..yummmm

I really enjoyed the personal card that she included.  Thank you Lisa.  Now time to scrap and eat chocolate.

New Fall Makeup Trends

The kids are back to school, the leaves are showing a little color and there is a nip in the night time air.  What does that mean?  Fall is coming.  With fall comes fall colors; not just in nature, but in clothes and makeup.

I have been looking all around the internet to find some of the new trends for this fall (no one wants to be so last season…lol).  One of the trends that I’m loving is getting rid of the whole contouring thing…..thank goodness, because I never got that right..  Light skin with pink cheeks…the kind of skin that looks like you just took a brisk walk in the cool air.  I can get behind this look.  Sounds low maintenance. 🙂  Check out Avon’s Smooth Minerals in Blushed or Hearty Peach.

Red lips is another trend.  I guess at one point this stopped being trendy….who knew?  Not me. But they are back. That’s great because I just bought some red lipsticks and I plan on wearing them.  Another lip that in this fall is a vamp lip.  Black or almost black is a favorite. Paired with light colored makeup everywhere else. Check out Ultra Color lipstick in Red 2000 or Vamp.

Wait until you hear about eyeliner.  Straight lines are so last year.  Black eyeliner is all the rage and cat eyes, double cat eye, and anything but a boring straight line go.  Have fun and go nuts. My favorite eyeliner is Always on Point in Black.

Eyelashes need to look false and fabulous. Black, Blue or any other color….it doesn’t seem to matter as long and they are long and luscious. Avon just came out with a brand new mascara and just in time for fall. It is called Big and False Lash Volume.


Blog Sister Swap for August

I talked about a blog sister swap group that I joined on facebook early on in August.  Today I just received my box in the mail from my sister swapper Carrie Tripp who blogs at View From the Valley.

This month’s theme for the box was Summer Vacation.  I just love what Carrie came up with.

5 in 1 survivor kit…this will be awesome this weekend when I go camping.

Nature wipes…these are small tablets that once you add water they turn into towelettes.  Another item that I will use this weekend camping.

A wine glass that says, “shhhh…there’s wine in here”…hahahahaha, not a bad idea.

A cozy for hot drinks that’s a keychain and change purse…this is a great idea.  Never leave home without money for coffee.

And finally a postcard and a St. Louis Cardnials bumper sticker……Carrie is from Missouri so this is very cute.

Thank you for this fun box full of goodies Carrie.  All of you go check out her blog.

Start your own Beauty Business for Free

Love makeup?  Always wanted your own business but thought it would cost too much to start? Need extra money for Christmas? Kids back at school and you need something to pass the time?  Come join my Avon team. For a limited time your $15 start up fee will be reimbursed once you place your first order of $100 or more.

Avon is an amazing company that has been around for over 125 years.  Once you become  an
Avon representative you will get a free website, free training, enough books for 2 campaigns, All the paperwork you will need and 2 full size beauty products.  Avon representatives never need to carry any inventory.  Message me for more information or go to and put in reference code: donnaettinger

Would love to have someone that loves Avon as much as me on my team.

11 Blogging Questions About Me

I was tagged to do an about me post by Samantha.  You can find her blogging at The Crafty Paralegal (love the name).

  1. What is your favorite recipe to cook/bake? I do not cook, except for holidays.  I am no good at it.  But I do love to bake.  My signature desert is Magic Cookie Bars.  I would tell you the recipe, but then I would have to kill you and I kinda like you all.
  2. Which country/state would you travel to if money were no issue?  I have been dreaming of going to Alaska for ever.  I also want to see the Northern Lights….this is all on my bucket list and I am planning on this happening in the next year or 2.
  3. What article of clothing/apparel makes you feel most confident? A pair of jeans that fits just right and a shirt that makes my boobs look nice….lol
  4. Who is your favorite super hero and why? Superman…just because he can fly.
  5. Who has been most inspirational to you? My parents.  My dad taught me to be a hard worker and my mom taught me how to fight.  Both were so strong and inspirational.
  6. If you could have lunch with a historical person, who would you choose? 
  7. What quote makes you feel most motivated? What’s meant to be won’t miss you
  8. What is your favorite pass-time activity? Playing with my dogs, swimming or anything around water.
  9. If you could live in any decade, which would it be? Renaissance era.  Every woman looks great in those outfits.
  10. What is your favorite color? Royal Blue
  11. What Disney character is your doppelgänger? Anna from Frozen

This was kinda fun.  I hope you enjoy reading it.

Who’s Ready for Fall?

I can’t believe summer is just about over.  It feels like it just started.  Cooler weather this week here in Chicago has me thinking about hoodies, bon fires, football and fall looks.

Avon is not disappointing this fall.  They have cute new outfits, candle scents, home accents and of course, makeup.

Check out this awesome Infinity Wrap Sweater on sale now for $24.99

I already have this in my closet and have sold a bunch.  It is so cute. Wear this cute, blue striped sweater as a cowl neck, a cardigan or a hoodie. Knit sweater that wraps around or can be worn open down the front.

Mickey Mouse Scarecrow candy holder...$29.99
Mickey Mouse Scarecrow candy holder…$29.99

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love Mickey Mouse.  I had to scoop him up as soon as I saw him.  He is 24″ tall and  is a great way to greet trick-or-treaters! Mickey holds a bowl that is perfect for displaying candy or any seasonal treat.

Set of 2 Harvest Bottle Stoppers...$12.99
Set of 2 Harvest Bottle Stoppers…$12.99

Even your wine bottles can have a touch of fall.  Love these and 2 for the price of one.

Endless Summer Makeup set....$24.99
Endless Summer Makeup set.…$24.99

Last, but not least, here is a special makeup set that can give you a touch of summer any time of the year.  This is an online exclusive so get them while they are still around and at this price it won’t be very long.


Sweat is Beautiful

All my life I have battled with my weight.  When I was younger I was super active.  I didn’t even realize what I was doing was exercising.  We were always out on our bikes or running around (literally) the neighborhood.  Tag, it, kick the can….all part of my weekly fun.  I was a swimmer, cheerleader, played volleyball and went to the roller rink every weekend.  I was healthy and athletic.

Then college hit.  I went to class, studied and had fun but was no longer active like I was before.  I gained more than the freshmen 15 and didn’t stop there.  I was on my own to pick what I wanted to eat.  No mom to fix me a well rounded meal full of veggies.  I made bad choices.  I still make bad choices.  Problem now is I have to worry about health issues that ran in our family.  Both mom and dad had diabetes and high blood pressure.  A college student doesn’t think about those kind of things.

After college my weight would go up and down.  I would get on health kicks and then purge on junk food.  Now here I am in my 40’s.  I have diabetes and high blood pressure….go figure.  I am in a fantastic relationship and in the last 9 months I have gained 25 pounds….ugh….I guess that is what happens when you are in love.  I feel like a lump and am the biggest I have ever been.

Time to do something about it.  I started watching what I eat….way more fruit, veggies and less chocolate and ice cream.  I’m back in the gym and this is me today.  It’s only been a week and I’m down 6 pounds.  My sugar has gone down.  At first it came down really fast and I felt horrible but that just shows me how much sugar I was actually eating everyday.  Horrible for my health.  Today I sweated it out at the gym and as the sweat was dripping down my face all I kept thinking about was how beautiful I feel….weird, huh?   I feel better than I did a week ago and I am just going to keep on going.  I’m blogging about it to keep me on track, so expect to see updates often.

Time to Accessorize

Getting ready to head out, but your outfit is not quite complete?  You need some pieces to pull your look together.  That is where accessorizes come in.  A gorgeous necklace, that ring your man bought you, how about that bracelet that has been handed down from you mother?  Here are some basic Does and Don’ts to follow so your look is well put together.

  1. Choose only a couple of accessories to wear at a time.  Don’t wear every accessory that you own at one time.  You will look like a modge podge if you wear a bold necklace, clunky bracelet, 5 rings, sunglasses, a scarf, and a hat.  Each item will be fighting to stand out and you will end up looking like a mess. Follow the rule of 3….pick 3 pieces that work well together.
  2. Match your accessories to each other. If you do want to wear a bunch of items at once, at least make them match each other.  Don’t wear gold earrings with a pearl necklace and a silver bracelet.  That doesn’t look put together….that looks like you just threw on some items and walked out the door.  The pieces are fighting for attention again.
  3. Wear bold accessories with neutral clothes.  That simple black dress will look stunning with a bright colored scarf.  That white blouse can be dressed up or down with bright colored jewelry and watches.
  4. Let one item be the star of your look.  If you have a statement necklace you have been dying to wear, don’t pair it up with large dangling earrings and a huge belt.  Let one item stand out and the other items bring the look together.

Most off all, pick accessories that let the real you shine through and have fun.

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